VerySatisfied Seller

“Chuck sold the house to my sister-in-law originally and had established a great personal relationship then and in the years since. He is very friendly, helped her find a way of purchasing the house, and kept in touch with her. My sister-in-law considered him a close friend and did not want anyone else to be the broker when selling the house.

.I met with Chuck on short notice. He made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Since I live in Maryland and was not familiar with housing values in the area or in how to go about selling a house, he explained every step of the process in detail, showed me prices of other houses in the area and assisted me throughout by performing tasks for me that saved me from traveling back to Indianapolis more than necessary. He not only suggested some things that should be done to help the sale of the house, but also put me in touch with reputable people that performed the tasks at very reasonable prices. I was able to do much of the paperwork by email and again he made it very simple. He acted on my behalf at the closing as I needed to stay in Maryland with my wife when she was hospitalized.

Chuck’s performance throughout was exceptional. I wish he would be available to me when I get ready to sell my house in Maryland. I would highly recommend him to anyone selling a house in the Indianapolis area. “